Mackillop cannonised
Thursday February 18th 2010, 9:43 pm

Any bets on the distance? I’d say about 300 metres. Nothing like a wimple to cut air resistance, unless you’re Sally Field.

How about bets on the increase in donations to the poverty-stricken Catholic church from Australians, who will soon have a home-team player in the saint marketing game? I mean, this dead chick cures cancer with old shreds of her clothing. That’s gotta be worth something, doesn’t it?

Sister Maria Casey opined:

Mary MacKillop was always confident that whatever happens, happens for the best.

Like getting cancer.


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God should settle the debate about miracles for once and for good with a severed arm grown back in 60 seconds right on live TV . Not really much to it you’re in charge of the universe. I also wonder what he’s going to wear when Armageddon arrives. Will it be formal occasion with tuxedo or a casual T-shirt affair with ‘God You’ printed on the front. And what about his mum. Will she appear in the latest fashion with handbag or just the old standby, the little black dress. We ought to know.

Comment by Melchior 02.19.10 @ 1:13 pm

Yes, indeed, inquiring minds want to know… why this is being treated not just as a general news story, but a leading news story. Catholics comprise about 25% of the Australian population. 30% of Australians espouse no religion at all- but when was the last time you saw a story about atheism lead on any Australian news outlet? Would that be approximately never? Not like there’s any media bias toward religion or anything, hey? *eyes rolling at 60RPM*

OK newsies, we now know the sky-faerie people have a new star. Whoopee. Can we now get over it and get back to the real news?

Comment by weez 02.20.10 @ 4:52 am

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