What child would Jesus rape? And why?
Sunday April 18th 2010, 5:34 am

Christians have been making excuses for child rape by clergy for the last 2000 years.

When agents of the catholic church are caught raping children, the church frequently do their level best to shield offenders from prosecution. The current pope, Joseph Ratzinger, has been shown to have had first-hand involvement in protecting priests from being held legally accountable for child rape.

Apologists for catholic child rape like Piers Akerman and Miranda Devine attack those who want to see prosecutions for covering up these crimes, like Dawkins and Hitchens, as if their motivations have any bearing at all upon the facts of a case of child rape. Akerman and Devine shoot the messengers and identify the church as the ‘last great moral authority.’ If the catholic church is recognised by anyone as any sort of a ‘moral authority,’ then humanity doesn’t need any ‘moral authorities.’

All the while, catholics proffer alibi after alibi for exactly why those in positions of pastoral responsiblity rape children- and expect the public at large to give a free pass to the poor, put-upon clerics. It’s a Jewish conspiracy. It’s homosexuals. It’s pornography on TV and on the internet. In any fair and reasonable court of law, these lame excuses would not absolve a suspected child rapist without a clerical collar and as such certainly should not absolve a suspect who does happen to wear one.

In-house church sanctions against child raping priests and their protectors are not adequate punishment. Child rapists belong in prison, for a very long time, as do their apologists and co-conspirators.

Arrest the pope. Now.


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How come we do not recognise celibacy for what it really is: a twisted sexual obsession inflicted by stunted adolescence which if not treated can grow into abhorrent perversions.

Comment by melchior 04.19.10 @ 10:58 am

The long and shameful history by the church elite to protect paedophiles is absolutely disgusting. The Catholic Church is often singled out but this type of abuse is widely spread throughout many christian (and other) religious heirarchies. A very dear friend of mine was violently and horrifically raped by the revolting animal, Father Nazzareno Fasciale (who died during prosecution) when she was 15 years of age. That bastard was responsible for the rape of dozens and dozens of young children (male AND female) as well as adults! Fasciale’s life story reads like a horror movie. I hope the mongrel is burning in hell! This happened in the late 1960’s and (unfortunately) her mother let the church talk her out of “making a fuss” as they called it! If you have a look at this link to an organisation called “Broken Rites” you will see a long, long list of the names of current and previous brothers and priests who have connections with paedophilia. The list is so long, it is truly frightening. Unbelievably, many of these revolting predators have received “support” from Cardinal Pell at the court hearings!!! I will never forgive Cardinal Pell for this! There was absolutely NO support shown for any of the victims. No wonder people are turning away from the hypocrisy of organised religions. Damn you to hell!

Comment by Kathy 05.03.10 @ 7:05 pm

Ooooops! Forgot to insert the link to Broken Rites….


Comment by Kathy 05.03.10 @ 7:07 pm


Comment by rocknyc72 05.12.10 @ 10:08 am

This issue is analogous to abuse by defence force personnel. The church should have a policy similar to the defence force, “Defence personnel are subject to civil law and military law at all times” the punishment should be two-fold for people in positions of trust such as clergy.

However, I can’t imagine Dawkins or Hitchens commenting on abuse by defence force personnel. It’s just an opportunity to capitalise on the vulnerability of the church. I pity the victims of abuse caught in the middle of this battle of worldviews.

Furthermore I wonder how much attacks from opponents of the church would have influenced the hierarchy’s decision to cover up abuse. Knowing there are people such as Dawkins and Hitchens pushing their anti religious agenda would have weighed heavily on the minds of those in charge.

Dawkins and Hitchens should stick to their a-moral field of science and let the relevant authorities deal justice appropriately.

Comment by Aaran 05.24.10 @ 9:13 pm

We’re not talking about Dawkins and Hitchens.
We’re talking about priests raping children.

Can you kindly tell me why you are trying to divert the conversation from priests raping children?

RAPING CHILDREN. Did you get that?

Comment by weez 05.24.10 @ 9:32 pm

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