The Iranian cleric, boobquakes and the ghost of Andrea Dworkin
Saturday April 24th 2010, 12:04 pm

A joyless Iranian Islamic cleric last week made the rather Pat Robertsonesque claim that immodestly dressed women cause earthquakes.

Jen McCreight, a skeptical blogger, decided to put the claim of immodesty-induced seismic activity to a tongue-in-cheek test by pledging to wear a bit of cleavage on 26 April; the event as it were has been making the rounds on Twitter under the hashtag #boobquake.

For her trouble, McCreight has been criticised for sexual self-objectification by some equally humourless female supremacists who deign to instruct McCreight and her supporters on how propa sistas should protest fundamentalist authoritarian stupidity- and of course, it doesn’t have anything to do with a whipping out of baps, ’cause you know, boys like that sort of thing.

If a girl wants to be ‘immodest’ for whatever reason she chooses and some ‘opinion leader’ attempts to instruct her on the earth-shaking consequences of her actions, does the motivation or gender of the oppressor make any difference?

No matter how you slice it, it’s still baloney.

In retort, skeptical, atheist, feminist bewbs with a sense of humour.

Did the earth move for you?


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OMG, can these militant, mysogynistic Islamic clerics get any more primitive? They are absolutely medieval!!! Its OK to lay land mines all over the place killing and maiming young children, force under age boys to fight Jihad, condone the systematic brutality and abuse of women based on the most prehistoric neanderthal reasons that defy belief in this century BUT it is NOT OK for a woman to have the right to wear make-up or express herself! I don’t get it! My sympathies really go out to young Afghani and Iranian women many of whom are recently deciding to make a stand (in relation to attaining employment and clawing some freedoms back in the dreadful tragic aftermath of the crazed Taliban). Good luck, sisters … we support you!

Comment by Kathy 06.04.10 @ 9:40 am

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