Australian Christian Lobby: ‘Freedom of expression? meh’
Thursday June 10th 2010, 8:57 pm

ACL: Anti-filter movement doesn’t faze us

Anti-filter groups fail to touch the general public, the Christian group claims

The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) has remained firm on its support for the proposed Internet filter despite numerous protests and campaigns held against the clean-feed.

Recent anti-filter actions including Stop the Filter rallies in major capital cities and the Great Australian Internet Blackout by the Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA), all generated modest success.

ACL has been a longstanding supporter of the filter and saw a clean-feed as a necessary tool to protect children from ‘inappropriate’ content.

ACL spokesperson, Glynis Quinlan, said the anti-filter movement had remained relatively stagnant and anti-filter sentiment was confined to a select number of groups.

“They’re really just talking to each other,” she said. “It doesn’t appear [their message] has touched the general public and society; it is kept to Internet civil libertarians and the people supporting it all appear to be the same.”

It bears mention that the ACL are similarly not ‘fazed’ by evolution, teaching of secular ethics in public schools, women’s rights and drug harm minimisation. In other words, the ACL are unfazed by facts and evidence… but with a mob whose entire raison d’être is wrapped around faerie tales, I suppose one can’t be terribly surprised.

ACL have in this comment succeeded in identifying the campaign weaknesses already identified by the anti-censorship lobby itself… but that’s changing rather quickly. The issue has been covered with significantly increasing frequency by mainstream media. The ABC, Fairfax and even commercial TV are picking up the issue and smacking it down- every few days, of late. EFA have launched a website, ‘It’s time to tell mum’ at, which aims to encourage the internet literate to start with their own families to raise community awareness of the unethicality and unworkability of Rudd & Conroy’s mandatory internet censorship scheme.

The ACL are certainly entitled to their opinions- they’re just not entitled to force others to live by their rules. If the ACL are offended by certain content on the internet, they’re more than entitled to not look at it, but damn you if you think you can tell me what to look at.

Keep it in church, fellas.


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