ISPs to record browsing history: ‘completely insane’
Friday June 11th 2010, 6:40 pm

Ben Grubb breaks the story on ZDNet: Govt wants ISPs to record browsing history

Renai LeMay writes in Delimiter: Data retention policy “totally insane”, says Linton

…and Conroy has the brass fucking balls to accuse Google of privacy violations?

Gimme a break!

You can have my browsing history as soon as you can monitor what books I borrow from the library and can open all my snail mail.

Labor’s toast, even if we have to put up with the Mad Monk for a few years.


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Labor is on its way out, it is just a pity we don’t have any real alternative.
Both sides of politics are under the thumb of the Christian fanatics in this Country. The only option I can see is the Greens, but I doubt they could ever get in power. If they did, I don’t know if we could survive their monetary policies.

Comment by John 06.15.10 @ 10:57 am

If you don’t believe the religious fundies in the Liberal Party (and it’s full of them) don’t want this and much worse, then you deserve to be reamed by the Mad Monk.

Comment by Anonymous 07.09.10 @ 2:11 am

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