De Menezes: Summary execution of the wrong man
Wednesday August 17th 2005, 10:23 pm


 image: BBC

London’s Metropolitan Police had previously said that electrician Jean Charles de Menezes didn’t obey an order to stop, forcing them to open fire. They said he was wearing an unseasonably heavy coat. The cops said he ran from them and vaulted the ticket barricade..

ITV/4 News reports they have obtained security video showing de Menezes entering the Stockwell tube station at a normal walking pace, even stopping to buy a newspaper. De Menezes did not vault the ticket barricade, nor was he wearing a heavy winter coat as Scotland Yard had previously reported. Video suggests de Menezes did not quicken his step until he saw his train pulling up to the platform.

ITV also reports a statement from an unarmed surveillance officer who said he pinned de Menezes to a seat while another cop fired the first shot into his head from about 30cm away. The surveillance officer was then dragged off of de Menezes while other officers fired 10 more times, 8 bullets hitting de Menezes, 7 into his brain. 

Security video which was seemingly everywhere and instantly available for broadcast on 7/7 and 21/7/05 now is not available due to ‘broken cameras.’ 

So much for that openness.


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Just to be safe, I think that we should just shoot any slightly woggy looking people on sight. That’s the sort of Australia I long for.

Comment by David Heidelberg 08.18.05 @ 12:51 pm

Shame Shame Shame Shame.

Comment by Benno 08.19.05 @ 10:10 pm

And this shithead refuses to quit as a result.

Comment by Ray 08.20.05 @ 10:29 am

[…] Further, HoWARd’s laws will give police shoot-to-kill powers, whether there is a life-threatening situation on not. You’d think that those powers would not have been considered after the London Police mistakenly killed Jean Charles de Menzes. […]

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