Pheatherweight Phydeaux on the rocks
Monday August 29th 2005, 11:36 am

BRRRRRRAAAPPPPPP!! ya know ya want me babeeeRecently retired NSW Premier Bob Carr nailed John ‘Phydeaux‘ Brogden in one after the drunken NSW Lieberal Party leader racially slurred Carr’s Malaysian born wife Helena as a "mail-order bride" and sexually assaulted a couple of female journalists at a recent knees-up in Sydney.

"My wife Helena has higher qualifications and a more substantial career than this featherweight of mediocrity will ever have," fumed a justifiably angry Bob Carr.  Carr said Phydeaux’s remarks about Helena were a "cruel insult against all Asian women." 

Phydeaux and two male NSW Lieberal staff members had attended the Australian Hotels Association’s piss-up a month ago at the Sydney Hilton’s Marble Bar. After a half-dozen beers, Phydeax played grabass on Daily Telegooph reporter Justine Ferrari and also put his arm around and propositioned yet another female journo from the Sun-Herald!

Phydeaux, you grand old party dog! You really think women dig you…. don’t you?

Harmless fun?! It's common sexual assault, PhydeauxWhat’s truly stellar is that if you thought that Phydeaux’s treatment of women wasn’t bad enough when he’s pissed to the gills, check out his supposedly sober attempt at a recovery! Amazingly, Phydeaux at first in denial, told the Daily Telegooph’s Bruce McDougall and Luke McIlveen, "This is a grubby Labor Party personal attack," and "They should get out of the gutter." The Telegooph says Phydeaux later rang to admit he had made the remarks and had ‘showed interest in several women on the night,’ saying it was ‘all harmless fun.’ 

In some kind of a sick attempt at an apology, The Age quotes Phydeaux as saying, "I completely apologise for my tasteless and offensive comments, they are unacceptable, they are untrue and certainly do not not reflect the fact that she has been, and is, a very successful woman in her own right and was a very dignified first lady of NSW serving her husband over 10 years."

 We're not larfing WITH ya, Phydeaux...

 Bob & Helena Carr, July 2005

 image: The Sydney Morning Herald

Helena Carr is an incredibly capable and independent woman, a self-made millionaire after having had great success in the printing industry. In the 1980s, Helena was the Managing Director of Leigh Marden, a subsidiary of Coca-Cola Amatil, managing a thousand staff. Helena Carr certainly supported Bob over his unprecedented ten years as Premier of NSW, but you can bet your little cotton socks she never served him.

Remember folks, Phydeaux is the social Darwinist who wants to implement majority verdicts in your courts.

A kind word of advice to the Lieberals- sack Phydeaux TODAY.


UPDATE: Good news and bad news…. Phydeaux quits as NSW Lieberal Party leader but remains as the Member for Pittwater. Phydeaux reckons that by staying on, he’s helping the Lieberals win the 2007 elections…. HA!

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And good riddance. We can only now wait for the next zealot or otherwise incompetent offered up by the NSW Liberals.

Comment by Guy 08.29.05 @ 1:02 pm

Brogden signs his own death warrant

In pretty groundbreaking state political news, it looks as though John Brogden has drunkenly walked the plank of his own accord. Last night it came to light that Brogden misbehaved grievously at an Australian Hotels Association function earlier this mo…

Trackback by 08.29.05 @ 1:04 pm

When I heard it on the radio this AM I was rendered rather speechless. He had no option but to resign.

Comment by Kate 08.29.05 @ 1:05 pm

Guy said: “We can only now wait for the next zealot or otherwise incompetent offered up by the NSW Liberals.”

Coming right up, Guy. 😀


Comment by weezil 08.29.05 @ 2:12 pm

nothing wrong with Alex that a good spanking wouldn’t fix.

Comment by Naomi 08.29.05 @ 3:45 pm

What about Brogden facing charges of sexual harassment or sexual assault?


Comment by suki 08.29.05 @ 3:59 pm

Good question, Suki. The journos who were sexually assaulted probably have to file charges. In some places on this earth, the state assumes the case when information becomes public, without a need for those who were assaulted to file, but I don’t think that’s the case in NSW.

Comment by weezil 08.29.05 @ 4:12 pm

Naomi, be careful… he just might like that… 😀

Comment by weezil 08.29.05 @ 4:16 pm

I’m still curious though as to why it took a month for this to come out. I’m thinking this might be a mutiny of the NSW LP new uber-right.

And filthily inappropriate as Broggie’s actions were, he’s the Holy Mother compared to some of the other ratbags in his party who will now run the show, eg David Clarke, Barry O’Farrell etc…

Comment by Sam 08.29.05 @ 4:43 pm

this is a classic, quick turn around from 8am this morning when there was no way he was resigning

Comment by Guruann 08.29.05 @ 8:05 pm

No kidding, Sam. I wonder what it took to keep both of those journos quiet. Alex Hawke is definitely uberright. I’m guessing that won’t be terribly popular in NSW politics. The ’07 elections will tell.

Comment by weezil 08.29.05 @ 8:33 pm

Ann, shall we take this backflip as indicative of the sort of ‘flexibility’ HoWARd wants for employees in his IR ‘reforms?’

“You piss off when we tell you to.”

Pretty flexible if you ask me!

Comment by weezil 08.29.05 @ 8:35 pm

well that was a great night out

Wasn’t it? Sounds like the erstwhile ex-NSW-Opposition leader isn’t the sort of guy you want at your buck’s party not to mention heading up your political party at a time when one could possibly sniff a win in the wind.

Trackback by DogfightAtBankstown 08.29.05 @ 10:51 pm

What a stupid Jack Ass!
I would have understood (not agree)him getting in after Carr’s joke of reign!
A walk in. Just shut up!
But Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
When your a right wing ass. You go for the smear without thought….. The Low Blow!
Sometimes it bites back.
You Slimey Puke!

O.K. I’m Done!

Comment by foxman 08.29.05 @ 11:17 pm

[…] Sam from over at QueerPenguin peels off the layers of the onion left undisturbed by the mainstreams. He notes that this event took place a month ago… and does not appear to have been reported in any way by Cuming or Ferrari. We’re talking about working journalists here, folks, with something newsy at the ends of their noses. However, it isn’t too hard to work out that if these journos had filed formal complaints about Groggo’s advances, they would have found it nearly impossible to report the NSW political beat in the future. […]

Pingback by mgk: Machine Gun Keyboard 08.30.05 @ 11:32 am

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