Bob Carr’s backflip on Brogden apology
Wednesday August 31st 2005, 8:30 pm

image: ABC LatelineA number of bloggers are today accusing Bob Carr of backflipping on his refusal to accept Brogden’s apology- but there’s just cause for Carr’s public change of heart.

A suicide attempt is infinitely more important than a political stoush. Bob & Helena Carr are smart enough to know that all threats, or worse, attempts at suicide must be taken quite seriously. Bob & Helena certainly never wanted Brogden to die. They rightfully illustrated in their indignant refusal to accept Broggo’s apology just how offensive his remarks were, particularly for a community leader.

I would have gone a bit further- a person who behaved as Brogden did simply has no place in Australian politics. Even in the corporate world, any sensible manager who had an employee who behaved as Brogden did would have sacked him before such employee behaviour made the company liable for facilitating sexual harassment.

Carr was a bit generous with Brogden today when he said, "The world accepts that all of us make mistakes and he’s got a big future as a politician, a member of this community and as a father of his son, Flinders." I very seriously doubt Brogden has a future as a politician. 

It should be noted that the racist jab at Helena was not the Carrs’ first experience with unseemly behaviour from the NSW Liberal camp, well and truly out of the bounds of political discourse. The Carrs’ statement today is all the more generous when you consider that it was an ex-Brogden staffer who was charged with threatening life and property, conveying false information and two counts of public mischief after Carr received threats last April which set in motion a full security response in the NSW Parliament.


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u got a big mention on Andrew Bartletts blog tonight,

Comment by Guruann 09.01.05 @ 12:17 am

Thanks for the heads-up, Ann.

I’ve read Andrew’s insightful and extensive post. To be deadly honest, if I had Andrew’s set of life experiences, I might have written precisely what he did on the topic. I have a great amount of respect for Andrew’s value structures and reasoning.

Further, I might have thought Brogden would have looked to Bartlett’s responsible and graceful recovery from his own bout with a ‘firestorm’ to show him the way.

I recall quite specifically my response to the news on Andrew’s behaviour some time back. I thought both The Democrats and Bartlett himself reacted to the matter appropriately in Andrew moving out of the leadership role temporarily while he adresses his personal issues. I didn’t find anything in the matter of such grave import that it merited ending Andrew’s career as an MP. That event appeared to be a culmination of a rather limited set of poor behaviours rather than an indictment of the man’s core character.

Brogden, however, has demonstrated some deep character flaws which I believe cause him to be unable to represent about 51% of his constituency. The alcohol just made his actual sentiments regarding respect of women plain and obvious. It’s that inability to execute the position of MP for the benefit of the constituency which I believe merits Brogden returning to the private sector.

Comment by weezil 09.01.05 @ 11:38 am

Yes. ‘character flaws’ – how selfish to even consider leaving a young son with a suicide Dad only days before Father’s Day. selfish. no insurance payout for suicide. how selfish. get in the damn car and drive into a country tree, and don’t do it till AFTER Fathers Day. sheesh.and it wasn’t about depression – saying that is an insult to the poor bastards who have depression. with Brogden it was SHAME – quite different. He insulted his own wife in his behaviour, showed he viewed journalists as playmates, and a person who has been elected MUST NOT get drunk beyond their own home. his poor little boy having to face schoolmates after all this.

Comment by Brownie 09.01.05 @ 9:04 pm

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