Nawlins: rich escape, poor screwed
Friday September 02nd 2005, 10:20 pm

image: CBS News

The US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) apparently didn’t figure on po folk in Louisiana. The people who could not afford to transport themselves out of Nawlins and other hurricane affected areas either died where they sheltered or are now fighting to stay alive. Those with money got out of town before the storm hit.

Perhaps part of a category 5 hurricane disaster preparedness plan included having enough bullets to shoot to kill those who could not escape on their own.

It’s each state’s National Guard troops that normally come to the aid of the people in times of natural disasters. Where’s the Louisiana National Guard and its helicopters right now? Iraq, of course.

If you think hurricane survivors weren’t already angry enough about the absence of disaster assistance or evacuation, wait until it becomes common knowledge that funds previously allocated to repair the levees on Lake Pontchartrain, which is now spilling into the central part of Nawlins through a two-block long break, were diverted to the war on Iraq.


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I think Dubya thought they could survive on “po boys”.

Comment by Ben 09.03.05 @ 12:51 pm

Ben, there’s people so hongry in Nawlins they just might eat a po-boy or two… long as you take they Nikes off first, they ain’t so chewy.

Lawsy, I hope Mulate’s restaurant survived… they got a crawfish etoufeÚ that’ll take your ears clean off.

Comment by weezil 09.03.05 @ 1:08 pm

Oh hell… From the info in this map, Mulate’s is almost certainly under 9 feet of water…

Comment by weezil 09.03.05 @ 1:22 pm

Marie is possibly cursing the neo cons from beyond the grave.

Comment by cileo 09.03.05 @ 6:39 pm

cileo, someone at FEMA better start coming up with some badass voodoo to save some innocents… sooner than later would be good.

I’m most amused at the coverage on CNN- they’re blowing happy smoke for the Bushies as usual. The disinformation campaign includes CNN running the phrase “15,000 National Guard troops in region” in their ‘breaking news’ crawl.

‘Course, ‘the region’ includes about 6 or 7 states- it sure as hell doesn’t mean there’s 15,000 troops in Nawlins! The bulk of the Louisiana National Guard is still in Iraq…

Comment by weezil 09.04.05 @ 12:47 am

Oh hell┐“:

Maybe not. It seems that most of the French Quarter escaped the flooding.

There must be more levy breaks than are being reported. It seems that Chalmette and the NE section beyond the canal have been flooded as well.

Wrt the federal response the arrogance and incompetence that the administration has displayed in Iraq and other places is now evident at home for all to see.

Comment by Peter F Bradshaw 09.04.05 @ 6:40 am

Don’t get me started on Barbara Bush: she said the refugees were doing well out of it really because they get to move to Houston TEXAS!

There is some heartwarming stuff – in Cuba AL is working for displaced musicians, and the is watching for culture, but covers all the bases. he cleverly mentions that Nawlins is of course the Confederacy Of Dunces city.

Comment by brownie 09.08.05 @ 8:09 pm

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