Godverdomme, it’s Leftywatch… not!
Sunday September 11th 2005, 8:32 am

nazi suckers!In THE most hilarious naziswat of the year, Dr Cam Sexenheimer exposes convicted Perth neo-nazi Ben Weerheym’s leftie intimidation hitlist as a whimsy of Camo’s own design. Weerheym sucked up all the stupidity Camo fed him- for some months it seems.

More hilarious yet, Ben still hasn’t quite worked out that the heinous, evil lefties ‘Edward Tee’ and ‘Vikram Srikanth’ are in fact closely related to Diana Elgar. Yep, Weerheym’s ‘hitlist’ page is still up, despite the complete exposure of his moronosity.

Don’t miss. I mean it, don’t miss this one… and make sure you’ve got a good supply of nappies. You will absolutely PISS yourself.

On a related topic, Weerheym is finding himself deeper and deeper in debt due to his complete and utter stupidity. Benny thought he’d be clever and publish an image of me (to which I assert copyright) on his leftie hitlist blog along with my residential address, so his nazi mates could track me down and bash me.

By the way, Ben, enciting others to violence and conveying threats by wire intended to intimidate is patently illegal in Australia- and just might cause you to serve out that 6 month suspended prison sentence you got for driving the getaway car when you and a bunch of your nazi scum mates went on a hate-graffiti spree.

Weerheym convicted of race hate crime (image: The West Australian)

By the way, I’m still waiting for that long promised beatdown.

However, Benny is now waiting on the invoice for the licensing fees for the use of my copyrighted image. Use of my photography on a casual basis, without a prenegotiated licensing agreement, is BLOODY expensive- on the order of $1500 per day. With GST, it’s looking like Ben owes me about $6600.

Time to pay up, sucker.


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Thanks, Weez, you gave me a real chuckle with this one. 😀

Comment by Flashman 09.11.05 @ 10:16 am

Flash, thank Cam & Darp, not me.

It IS hilarious, isn’t it? 😀

Comment by weezil 09.11.05 @ 10:52 am

‘the last thing I ever wanted to do was insult or frighten people’?
DPP Robert Cock (-Up) aptly named.

Comment by brownie 09.12.05 @ 11:06 am

Brownie, you’re actually quoting Weerheym. His statement is pure bullshit as is the statement he entered into evidence during the trial indicating he had no interest in the ANM. Heh… yeah, right, Thor.

I would think that the judge who set Bennie’s sentence will take a rather dim view of this evidence that Ben DOES have an interest in the ANM… and he threatens and attempts to intimidate others by publication of photographs of his political “enimys” along with their resdential addresses, with the intent of facilitating physical violence against them. However, Ben doesn’t have the sort of friends he thinks he does- or if he does, all of those sorts are in jail. I reckon Ben will be thankful to be thrown in jail along with them; will save him money on postage for his love letters.

Money is something Ben’s going to have to come up with in short order. I hope he’s good with budgeting.

Comment by weezil 09.12.05 @ 11:21 am

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. Hahahah. That is the funniest thing I’ve read in a while. I was reminded of The Princess Bride where Sexenheimer would be Westley and old Benny boy would be Vizzini when they engage each other in the “battle of wits”… hahahha! Classic!

Comment by Dave 09.12.05 @ 6:32 pm

Dave, I don’t think you’d be surprised to know that I also have developed a resistance to iocaine. 😉

Comment by weezil 09.13.05 @ 5:47 pm


Comment by Dave 09.17.05 @ 12:22 pm

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