2GB shock-jock apologises for racial slurs, pulled off air
Saturday December 17th 2005, 10:16 am

One shock jock down... sorta (image: 2GB)Brian Wilshire, one of the many shock jocks on infamous Sydney radio station 2GB has been forced to apologise for racist remarks he made last week.

On his show last Thursday night, with regard to Lebanese-Australians, Wilshire said, “Many of them have parents who are first cousins whose parents were first cousins.” Wilshire then dug himself in a whole lot deeper, making the completely outrageous claims, “The result of this is inbreeding the result of which is uneducationable (sic) people…and very low IQ.

Despite being a 25 year veteran of the station, Wilshire has now been pulled off the air by 2GB, whether with or without pay is yet unknown. However, Wilshire has not yet been charged either under sedition or racial vilification laws.

This begs the question- is an apology enough? Well, if I go out and rob a bank but later apologise, should I escape prison?

Uh… no.

Where’s the DPP? The ACMA?

And why is Alan Jones still on the air at 2GB after his full-on, baldfaced incitement to riot? Could that be due to the fact that Jonesy is a part-owner of 2GB?

You can complain to ACMA about Jones, but you first have to complain to 2GB. If (or rather when) 2GB fails to respond to your complaint, you can then lodge with ACMA.


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Do you know of a way of getting a list of 2GB’s advertisers without having to endure the nauseating experience of listening to their swill? I intend to boycott them, and I intend to tell them so.

Comment by 12thharmonic 12.17.05 @ 10:36 am

Jon, I reckon all you need to do is steel your ears and tune in to 2GB for a while, with your notepad handy. If you want to be able to FF through the KKKrap, 2GB has podcasts available.

Comment by weezil 12.17.05 @ 10:42 am

Gail actually – I forgot to change the name etc boxes. If that’s what I’ve got to do then that”s what I’ve got to do. Better go find a bucket to keep handy. I’m relieved to hear there is a law against this crap, I was wondering.

Comment by Gail 12.17.05 @ 11:01 am

Gail, thanks for dropping in.

We’re about to find out how John Howard wants his sedition laws to be enforced. Mind you, we can be reasonably confident these laws won’t be used against his good mate Jonesy and his radio station, 2GB.

2GB drinks the blood they have caused to spill on our beaches and streets. 2GB’s ratings will be through the roof in the next book, but they will have been carried there on the back of the misery they caused to the public they are SUPPOSED to be serving.

This is garbage– and everyone should let both 2GB & ACMA know about it!

Comment by weezil 12.17.05 @ 11:13 am

I second that emotion – I’ve already sent two to 2GB and a notification of my intention to complain to the ACMA – I’m thinking of sending a third one to 2GB now that I know their behaviour is definitely illegal.

Incidentally, how does one google bomb?

Comment by Gail 12.17.05 @ 11:50 am

[…] Weezil at Machine Gun Keyboard points out that there is a law against this kind of hate-mongering. I’m relieved to hear it – I just hope it will be enforced: […]

Pingback by 12thharmonic Blog » 2GB’s Racism breaks the law 12.17.05 @ 11:54 am

Wikipedia’s entry covers Googlebombing pretty well.

Google sets higher page ranks by the greater the number of different sites that post a particular link. All you need do is post a link like failure or lying sack of shit.

Comment by weezil 12.17.05 @ 12:34 pm

In all fairness, cousin marriage was the norm in Lebanon until the 1980’s.

Comment by matt 12.19.05 @ 9:56 pm

Brian Wilshire not only needs help to fix his pathetically ignorant attitudes, but also his tragic fashion sense.

Comment by James 12.20.05 @ 11:54 am

Matt, have you got any references on that citation?

James, I used to work in radio because I have similarly bad fashion sense to Wilshire… but I have infinitely better judgement. Tarring an entire ethnic group with the same brush is almost always inaccurate and thus unfair.

Comment by weezil 12.20.05 @ 12:50 pm

You know, its hard to get people in your face day in and day out saying things like “go home” or “you’re not welcome here”.

And I must admit after the most recent incident that happened in Cronulla made me just hit my bottom…

It helps to know that people like you are there fighting against people like Brian Wilshire.


A muslim in Perth

Comment by A muslim in Perth 12.23.05 @ 4:34 pm

No worries. We shouldn’t be made to feel unwelcome in our own communities- or in our own skins.

Don’t let the bastards get you down.

Comment by weezil 12.23.05 @ 5:04 pm

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