Australia First fails to spread race-hate at Cronulla
Friday January 27th 2006, 7:40 am

 race-hate sticker placed at Cronulla Beach, Australia Day 2006
Australia Day 2006 at Cronulla Beach was peaceful despite neo-nazi Jamahl "Jim" Saleam’s ‘Australia First‘ party trying desperately to stir up violence and racial hatred among the locals of Sutherland Shire.

Hilariously, Saleam is working overtime trying to whitewash his own Arabic heritage, up to and including telling ABC Radio News to pronounce his surname ‘SAY-lem’ instead of ‘suh-LEEM.’

The same old pack of Australia First derelicts showed up at Cronulla yesterday, trying to pull the race-hate lever with anyone they could get to listen, including young teens. Parents- do you want your kids groomed to be racists? That’s precisely what the Australia First mugs were doing yesterday.

Pictured in the blue t-shirt, we see "Val" of Australia First handing out stickers with Saleam’s race-hate website address to a group of young teenage girls. The girls were very surprised to find out they had been handed race-hate material.

When the goals of Australia First were explained to the girls and then were asked to rate on a scale of one to ten how much they agreed with Australia First’s policies of racial exclusion and xenophobia, they all replied in unison- "ZERO!"

Major kudos to the NSW Police whose highly professional crowd management kept the peace at the beach, including ejecting Australia First members trying to sell t-shirts and wave flags mounted on standards which could easily have been used as weapons.

Sorry Aus 1st, the Australian people are not buying your hatespews, not even those in the parochial Sutherland Shire. And here’s another big hint- if you want favourable news coverage for your cause, you certainly shouldn’t attack the media as "communist journalists."


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why are they hassling teenies? Those girls don’t look old enough to vote.

Comment by Fair Enough 01.27.06 @ 3:22 pm

Damn good question.

I guess the answer is to mould them when they’re still children to raise some appropriately frightened and hateful young adults.

Parents, any opinions?

Comment by weezil 01.27.06 @ 3:55 pm

Are the West Virginians seriously recruiting in Australia? -(see address on orange sticker.)

Congratulations also for getting out from behind the keyboard and covering this.

How refreshing to see that race hate rates a ZERO with our young girls!

Comment by suki 01.27.06 @ 7:53 pm

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