Maxine McKew, ALP for Bennelong
Sunday February 25th 2007, 7:47 pm

Goddess, Federal MP for BennelongSince her recent retirement as one of the very best interviewers and journalists ABC has ever had, Maxine ‘Da Goddess’ McKew has been working as an adviser to Kevin Rudd.

Today, McKew formally joined the ALP. She will run for the PM’s electorate of Bennelong.

You go, grrrrl.

McKew took no prisoners as an interviewer. Maxie was known to kill and eat lesser political hypocrites, right there while on the air. Gnaws on their skulls with her very own teeth. Now that she can be openly partisan, expect much more serious fireworks, if that’s even possible in civilised political discourse.

If elected, let’s hope Maxine is instantly made Minister for Communications. We may see real broadband and an end to commercials on SBS in your lifetime, if we get so magically lucky.

Johnny’s Bennelong seat, classified as ‘marginal’ by AEC, hinges on a 3540 vote (4.34%) swing.

2004 Federal Election Results:


Informal Vote:
Seat Status:
Marginal Liberal
Two Party Preferred:
LP: 54.33% ALP: 45.67%

Nothing would be sweeter.


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Now if we could only get Red Kezza to run against Costello in Victoria then the dream team would be well and truly fucked!

Comment by fair enough 02.25.07 @ 11:28 pm

Just what ‘dream team’ are you referring to, FE?

Comment by weez 02.26.07 @ 6:35 am


These two are touted as the strength behind the “who do you trust with the economy” line.

Comment by fair enough 02.26.07 @ 8:05 am

There’s actual strength in that line? In reference to that, I trust the Reserve Bank.

Anyway, regarding Bennelong, I think there’s a real chance that McKew could take it on preferences – particularly after the last election when Wilkie scored big and coupling that with the re-distribution of the seat that of course doesn’t favour Howard. Weez, you are so right! Nothing would be sweeter. McKew to the rescue!

Comment by Dave 02.26.07 @ 8:20 am

Dave, I think the Libs’ ‘dream team’ has ridden a wave of incredibly good luck with economic policy. I seriously doubt that Australian economic conditions are solely of their doing. If they do lay claim to econ conditions, what did they fuck up recently which caused rates to bump?

And why won’t Pete tell us about the stats on the usage of the First Time Homebuyer’s Grants? Too many million dollar houses getting the grant? Too many 2-year-olds buying property?
If Maxine is running for Bennelong, I hope like hell that the Greens don’t field a candidate or at least give 1st prefs to Labor.

‘McKew to the rescue’ would be a great campaign slogan if but for the fact it’s so easily corruptible i.e. ‘McKew to the McRescue,’ which has a rather different ring, doncha think? 😉

Comment by weez 02.26.07 @ 10:11 am

I often wondered why Maxine McKew left her successful and brilliant career at the ABC. I couldn’t understand it, and felt there had to be a deeper meaning. Now we know – and boy am I happy!

Comment by Colours 02.26.07 @ 2:50 pm

C, Maxine is now 53; she surmised on-air that she was getting a bit long in the tooth for a female news presenter, though I disagree that women news anchors have any sort of use-by date (except Katie Couric, now of US CBS Evening News, who should have been chirpily composted 10 years ago).

Maxine is after all married to Bob Hogg, former national Sec’y of the ALP. I think she had some inside advice on when conditions would be best for her to have a go at a seat; couldn’t be a better time than when Labor really has a chance at winning government, as it does under Kevvo.

Comment by weez 02.26.07 @ 9:31 pm

[…] As news of the ABC’s former journalist Maxine McKew running against HoWARd in his sea of Bennelong filtered through the media I became very excited. At the very least, I thought that this should help to make the time between now and the federal election very interesting. […]

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“real broadband and an end to commercials on SBS”
. . . and a teensy ABC flag fluttering over her Kirribilly House? Luvely. I just can’t figure who’d have the cojones to interview her if she made the front bench.

Comment by theHippy 02.27.07 @ 1:18 am

Yeah, I *know* all the details and reasons for her departure from the ABC, weez.

I just never really believed it; regardless of her age, she was successful and popular with viewers and I’m not convinced the ABC wanted her to go. I think the ‘age’ thing was just the ‘official reason’, but I didn’t really dig it. Hence why I said I often wondered if there was a deeper reason.

And you’re right about Katie Couric… she’s a shocker. I’m not keen on Barbara Walters either.

Comment by Colours 02.27.07 @ 10:09 am

theHippy said:

. . . and a teensy ABC flag fluttering over her Kirribilly House?

Your wish is my command. 😉

Comment by weez 02.27.07 @ 10:26 am

C said:

Hence why I said I often wondered if there was a deeper reason.

There’s a few clues that are now obvious but weren’t quite so at the time. Her obfuscation began even before she left the ABC, when she commented that she would be ‘taking the summer off’ and ‘would not be worrying about the Labor leadership.’ Pretty obviously, she packed up her desk at ABC and unpacked into another at the ALP, seemingly on the same day. It was reported almost immediately that she’d gone to work as an ‘adviser’ to Rudd.

I’m confident that she’s wanted to be an MP for a while, but starting off as an opposition MP can’t possibly be the makings of a meteoric political career. Maxine sensed that Latham just wasn’t a winning horse- and clearly was correct. She might have had some assistance in timing and strategy from her husband, former ALP Nat Sec’y Bob Hogg.

Comment by weez 02.27.07 @ 10:34 am

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