Brogden implodes, tries suicide
Wednesday August 31st 2005, 8:53 am

image: of the publication of more tales of Grogden’s bad behaviour around women, the disgraced former NSW Lieberal Party Leader apparently sucked up a bottle of gin and tried to slash his wrists. Groggo was rushed to hospital after police found him unconscious in a back room of his Mona Vale offices late last evening.

Groggo’s father-in-law and former Lieberal Party State Treasurer, Frank Hooke, is reported by as having been so concerned in 1999 about Groggo’s behaviour around female staffers that he had recommended that 25-year-old Suzanne Tulloch be moved out of his office because rumours had run rampant about her relationship with the former Lieberal leader. Tulloch denied that her relationship with Groggo was more than a friendship.

The Daily Telegraph reports today that Grogden quit the NSW Lieberal Party leadership in part because the sexual harassment of female journalists and his racist jab at Helena Carr reported on 29 August were apparently only a small sample of his poor behaviour towards women. More information has come to light about Groggo’s behaviour at a 2003 Christmas party, where Groggo was reported to have asked two women to have sex with him.

What I find stunning is that so many women have kept Groggo’s sexually aggressive behaviours and alcohol abuse quiet for so long. Grrrls, if men behave in abusive fashion with you, they’ll treat other women like that as well.  Reporting behaviours like Groggo’s is paramount to stop the abuse of other women.




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“Sources close to Mr Brogden said Lucy’s father, former Liberal Party state treasurer Frank Hooke, advised him to move 25-year-old Suzanne Tulloch out of his office in 1999 because colleagues had begun to speculate about their relationship.”

This is why every woman should not tolerate sexual harassment or assault anywhere, but especially not in the workplace.
You are highly likely to be moved on (which sometimes means ‘made redundant’ and sometimes means ‘to another section’), you will have all your skills devalued and you are likely to be shunned by colleagues who assume you slept your way into your position.

Comment by suki 08.31.05 @ 9:52 am

Suki, it’s obvious that more than a few young women are not quite clear on the practical function of sexual harassment which, as you describe, invariably results in women being disadvantaged in the workplace through no fault of their own.

The SMH reports: “Erin Ricketts, 20, a student from Scotland Island, was glad Mr Brogden remained in Parliament and hoped he would “do good things” for the northern beaches. “If he pinched some girl’s arse and said the wrong thing it shouldn’t reflect what he does politically,” she said. “This whole thing about social righteousness kind of annoys me. I think everybody is human.”

Can’t tell you how sorry I feel for the current crop of teen & 20-something women who are convinced that assertiveness and feminism are synonymous with hairy armpits and cheesecloth skirts. To my mind, feminism has always been about levelling the field, not being an unwashed hippiechick.

I heard a young woman not long ago insist that the use of the abbreviation “Ms.” is indicative that a woman has been married and divorced, instead of the correct meaning, which is a formal title that carries NO information about the marital status of the woman in the same way as “Mr.” conveys no data about the marital status of men.

As long as women allow themselves to be treated in the way that young Erin deems ‘human,’ sexual harassment will be rife… and women will continue to suffer.

Comment by weezil 08.31.05 @ 10:12 am

I’m speechless!

Comment by foxman 08.31.05 @ 10:29 am

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