Godverdomme, it’s Leftywatch… not!
Sunday September 11th 2005, 8:32 am

nazi suckers!In THE most hilarious naziswat of the year, Dr Cam Sexenheimer exposes convicted Perth neo-nazi Ben Weerheym’s leftie intimidation hitlist as a whimsy of Camo’s own design. Weerheym sucked up all the stupidity Camo fed him- for some months it seems.

More hilarious yet, Ben still hasn’t quite worked out that the heinous, evil lefties ‘Edward Tee’ and ‘Vikram Srikanth’ are in fact closely related to Diana Elgar. Yep, Weerheym’s ‘hitlist’ page is still up, despite the complete exposure of his moronosity.

Don’t miss. I mean it, don’t miss this one… and make sure you’ve got a good supply of nappies. You will absolutely PISS yourself.

On a related topic, Weerheym is finding himself deeper and deeper in debt due to his complete and utter stupidity. Benny thought he’d be clever and publish an image of me (to which I assert copyright) on his leftie hitlist blog along with my residential address, so his nazi mates could track me down and bash me.

By the way, Ben, enciting others to violence and conveying threats by wire intended to intimidate is patently illegal in Australia- and just might cause you to serve out that 6 month suspended prison sentence you got for driving the getaway car when you and a bunch of your nazi scum mates went on a hate-graffiti spree.

Weerheym convicted of race hate crime (image: The West Australian)

By the way, I’m still waiting for that long promised beatdown.

However, Benny is now waiting on the invoice for the licensing fees for the use of my copyrighted image. Use of my photography on a casual basis, without a prenegotiated licensing agreement, is BLOODY expensive- on the order of $1500 per day. With GST, it’s looking like Ben owes me about $6600.

Time to pay up, sucker.


This is my America
Friday September 09th 2005, 11:47 am


  See any white faces? No?

image: Associated Press

Larry Bradshaw and Lorrie Beth Slonsky are emergency medical services (EMS) workers from San Francisco. They were attending a conference in New Orleans when hurricane Katrina made landfall. Their experience with American style policing sounds all too familiar to me:

...Just as dusk set in, a sheriff showed up, jumped out of his patrol vehicle, aimed his gun at our faces and screamed, "Get off the fucking freeway." A helicopter arrived and used the wind from its blades to blow away our flimsy structures. As we retreated, the sheriff loaded up his truck with our food and water.

Once again, at gunpoint, we were forced off the freeway. All the law enforcement agencies appeared threatened when we congregated into groups of 20 or more. In every congregation of "victims," they saw "mob" or "riot." We felt safety in numbers. Our "we must stay together" attitude was impossible because the agencies would force us into small atomized groups.

In the pandemonium of having our camp raided and destroyed, we scattered once again. Reduced to a small group of eight people, in the dark, we sought refuge in an abandoned school bus, under the freeway on Cilo Street. We were hiding from possible criminal elements, but equally and definitely, we were hiding from the police and sheriffs with their martial law, curfew and shoot-to-kill policies.

I left my middle class corner of the midwestern USA in 1996 for Sydney. My experience growing up in America with American cops, despite all my blonde & blue-eyed whiteness and educated, well-spoken demeanor, has always been that the cops make up their minds about what you are before they deal with you. If you are black, youthful or sport a counterculture type appearance, the cops are not your allies under any circumstances. No matter what kind of trouble you have, you don’t call the police if you’re a member of one of the groups they don’t like the looks of- ever. I’ve had cops level a firearm at me on more than one occasion, for no greater crime than being on a footpath when they didn’t want me to be there.

American cops prejudging the worth of people on sight is the norm. I pretty much accepted that over the years (as if I or anyone else have a choice), to the point where I find it difficult to write about it. Police abuse of authority is so common that you’d probably find more interest in an in-depth discussion of how to butter a slice of bread. However, the mere attitude of the cops takes on a totally new meaning when it’s your survival on the line.

Some of the biggest lies I was told as an American youth in the 1960s and 70s were ‘anyone can grow up to be President’ and ‘anyone can be a financial success if they only work hard enough.’ I grew up in mainly white, middle class areas of the north central USA and had few contacts with black people outside of those kids I knew from school. As a kid and a young adult, I honestly believed that po folk just didn’t work hard enough. After all, I always found it easy to attend uni, get OK-paying jobs and live in decent quality housing. I didn’t think my honkeyness had much to do with it.

I gained a new appreciation for being a blue-eyed white male in situations involving authority in America, but never more so than in my visits to the deep American South, notably Georgia, Nawlins and Foat Wuth. I always tucked my hair up in my helmet (or in my jacket in no-helmet states) when riding my motorcycle through any of the aforementioned areas. If I didn’t, I was sure to be stopped by police. Charlie Daniels‘ "Uneasy Rider" was actually fairly educational in that it was my first clue that you could be white and still be in a whole heap o’ trouble if you didn’t keep your wits about you when in the Sowf.

My best lesson in how important it is to be a white guy in America was when I was doing a temp job in Foat Wuth. In the mid 1980s, I was hired by a very large Fort Worth, Texas based company, along with about 20 other guys from around the USA. Three of these fellas were black. On my first payday, I went to a nearby bank to cash my paycheck. Though I was new in town, living in an apartment rented by the company and had no accounts with that bank, I didn’t have any trouble cashing my paycheck. I reckoned it was because the check was drawn on that bank and that I worked for the biggest company in town; the teller surely knew the check couldn’t possibly bounce.

However, all three of the black guys I worked with, who did the exact same job I was doing, were told they would have to open accounts and maintain a minimum balance of $250 for 60 days before the bank would cash their paychecks. Brash damyankee that I was (am!), I grabbed these guys and we marched back to the bank teller, whom I confronted with the notion that these men were all in the same position I was, yet the bank cashed my paycheck and not theirs. I pointedly asked the teller if the difference in treatment was because these men were black. The teller turned eight shades of purple, but cashed all three of these black guys’ checks on the spot. 

My daddy raised me to be ‘colorblind,’ even in the tumultuous race relations atmosphere of the 1960s. I have thus always been a staunch anti-racist, even in my childhood and young teens. However, the Foat Wuth bank event really was the catalyst for my politicisation and vociferous activism around the issue.

The stories filtering out of Nawlins are depressing confirmations of this king-of-the-world racist mindset that too many American authorities have. This prejudgement of the worth of a human on sight is deadset typical not only of large chunks of American law enforcement but of conservative American politicians. If your survival pivots on the discretion of American cops and wingnut politicians, you’d better become MacGyver in a great big hurry. 

Individual Americans do have a reputation outside of their homeland, not only for their effusive and brash manner, but for their resourcefulness and can-do attitude, as made familiar to non-yanks by the MacGyver character. That resourcefulness comes in no small part from the general life lessons we Americans are given. Since there’s very little in the way of social support programs and no national healthcare in the USA, you are pretty much on your own.

I’ll be very surprised if the US Government makes any exceptions to the 60 month lifetime limit for unemployment benefits even in the case of displaced Katrina survivors. Eleven conservative Republican senators have even voted against the US$51billion aid package to those affected by Katrina.

Gore Vidal reckons that the US will implode, becoming an irrelevant, mediocre world power in the next 20 years.  Katrina makes it obvious it’s already there.


Tip-o-the-hat to 12th Harmonic for this item.

Margo solo
Tuesday September 06th 2005, 10:58 am

Margo Kingston (image: http://margokingston.typepad.com/)Margo Kingston & Fairfax have split- and it doesn’t look like a terribly friendly divorce. In any case, she’s up and running on Typepad.

Margo’s side of the story was covered on The Media Report on ABC. (audio: Real, Windows, MP3)

With media cross-ownership laws in the sights of the HoWARd bully majority in the Senate, Fairfax has seemingly taken a position of being less controversial and more saleable. Pity that. Outside of the ABC, Fairfax is the best news op in Australia.

But… how to make a buck from going indie? It seems Mayne did fairly well from Crikey with the subscription model and subsequent sale. If Margo puts her work up on a sub basis, I’d likely opt in. I’d much rather pay for a sub than have to adblock a bunch of animated advertisements. Sponsorship creates some ethical issues which I’m sure Margo would prefer not to deal with anyway.

Margo’s vision of a pool of independent journalists is important. If Fairfax gets sucked up in the cross-media buyer’s fray to Packer or Stokes, the Australian public is losing a reasonably independent and necessary point of view in the media market. I have no idea how all these indie journos are going to afford to eat lunch, but I certainly hope it happens.


Daily Telegooph adds bullshit to injury
Tuesday September 06th 2005, 9:05 am

Liz Jackson, Media Watch Anchor (image: ABC.net.au)Once again, Media Watch comes to the rescue of truth in Australian journalism. While some of the material that the Daily Telegooph published about Brogden was corroboratable, the most outrageous claims made of him were proven false by Media Watch.

As more of this story unfolds, it is becoming clear that this event was an internal Lieberal Party stoush designed to unseat Brogden as NSW party leader. The Telegooph was a willing participant in this campaign of half-truths, demonstrating their commitment to yellow journalism.

If the Lieberals will lie to politically assassinate their own, what are they willing to do to voters, who normally don’t have anywhere near the allegiance to the party as do their elected leaders? Is the Telegooph so hard up for circulation that anything goes in their headlines?

Thanks again to Media Watch. Don’t know what we’d do without you guys.


Stephen Sutton – accused drug mule in Argentina
Sunday September 04th 2005, 3:14 pm

SuttonStephen Sutton was arrested in September 2003 in Argentina and charged with drug trafficking. Sutton was diagnosed with a brain tumour at age 15 and had surgery to remove the mass. He is known as a simple and caring man, always concerned for the feelings of those around him. Stephen may have been victimised due to his uncomplicated nature.

Sutton was working in a Sydney factory when he met a young woman from Peru. His family found out some months later that he had travelled to Peru and was living with the person he met in Sydney and her family. At some point, Sutton was asked to carry a quantity of "gold" from Peru to Argentina. He was threatened with his own death and also that of his family in Australia if he did not comply.

Sutton’s family have encountered great difficulty in getting DFAT to establish contacts with Stephen and provide appropriate consular support.  

As an assistance to Stephen’s family, I have constructed a website which includes all the known details of Stephen’s story. For you web nerds, you’ll be interested to see an application of WordPress as a content manager for a ‘static content’ type website. The family are easily able to add to the site as needed given that WordPress makes creating a new page as simple as sending an email.

FPSS blacks out Sutton's faceAn interesting side story pops up from this situation regarding Kay Danes of ‘Foreign Prisoner Support Service.’ Apparently, Danes and Stephen’s family have had a disagreement. Danes’ incredibly mature response was to put a black square over Stephen’s picture as FPSS list it on their website. Danes will delete the Sutton pages soon, so here’s a screenshot of what the defacement of Sutton’s pic looked like when FPSS were displaying it. You can see how Danes values the prisoners she supports as opposed to her own notoriety. Yep, just the kind of person I want helping my relative in a foreign prison…


Nawlins: rich escape, poor screwed
Friday September 02nd 2005, 10:20 pm

image: CBS News

The US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) apparently didn’t figure on po folk in Louisiana. The people who could not afford to transport themselves out of Nawlins and other hurricane affected areas either died where they sheltered or are now fighting to stay alive. Those with money got out of town before the storm hit.

Perhaps part of a category 5 hurricane disaster preparedness plan included having enough bullets to shoot to kill those who could not escape on their own.

It’s each state’s National Guard troops that normally come to the aid of the people in times of natural disasters. Where’s the Louisiana National Guard and its helicopters right now? Iraq, of course.

If you think hurricane survivors weren’t already angry enough about the absence of disaster assistance or evacuation, wait until it becomes common knowledge that funds previously allocated to repair the levees on Lake Pontchartrain, which is now spilling into the central part of Nawlins through a two-block long break, were diverted to the war on Iraq.