A bad day to be a nazi in Sydney
Tuesday December 20th 2005, 10:24 pm

image: Seven NewsFightDemBack has discovered that Andrew Sanders, one of the five young European men arrested at Brighton-le-Sands with a police scanner and two-way CB radios, 25 litres of petrol and equipment to make molotov cocktails, is directly connected with the www.fightback.org.au website from the preceding entry. image: Seven News

The 25-year-old is the son of the late Steve Sanders, a popular local who organised the Blacktown “Britfest,” which was intended to promote goodwill between Sydney’s British community and other ethnic groups.

The registrant details for the fightback.org.au website are as follows:

Domain Name: fightback.org.au
Last Modified: Never Updated
Registrar ID: R00010-AR
Registrar Name: Melbourne IT
Status: OK

Registrant ID: OTHER Y3041402

Registrant ROID: C3524115-AR
Registrant Contact Name: BRITFEST INCORPORATED
Registrant Email: fightback.org.au@hotmail.com

Tech ID: C3524116-AR
Tech Name: Brian Sutherland
Tech Email: fightback.org.au@hotmail.com

It is necessary to provide an ABN/ACN and non-profit organisation name when reserving a .org.au website- and it is clear that is exactly what Sanders did.

Despite facing a further 7 charges related to weapons found on a search of his Willmot home on the day following his apprehension at Brighton, Sanders has been released on bail. Sanders told police that he had viewed the fightback.org.au website but did not claim authorship. However, there is an astonishing correlation between the items seized by police from Sanders and his mates and the items the website suggested that ‘protesters’ bring to the beaches (courtesy of the omnipresent Google cache).

After seeing video clips of violence and racist chants at the 11 December Cronulla riots, which white supremacists had posted on a website, as well as the arrest of the “Brighton 5,” NSW Premier Morris Iemma is talking tough about smashing fascism. Arrests have taken place all across Sydney today, targeting a number of online nazis.

Channel Nine’s reporter on the story in the 6:00pm news relied heavily on the story as told by Sanders’ attorney, calling the case ‘weak’ and all but declaring Sanders innocent. I do wonder if 5 brown boys had been caught with the same articles as Sanders and his mob are alleged to have had, whether they would have been bailed.

image: Seven News

An AC Nielsen survey released today indicated that 75% of Australians think that there is covert racism in Australia and 81% of those surveyed support multiculturalism. You wouldn’t know it from John Howard and Channel Nine.

Major kudos to BANA for the sharp eye on the fightback.org.au rego data.


UPDATE: It’s no better a day to be a nazi in Perth. One of the vandals who attacked a Perth synagogue in July last year has been sentenced to 12 months in prison. You’ll recall that evil evil nazi guy Ben Weerheym was the getaway driver on that trip. Oh, and by the way, Ben, you still owe me for the unauthorised use of my copyrighted material.

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MGK : Bad Day for Australian Nazis

Full Post A bad day to be a nazi in Sydney
FightDemBack has discovered that Andrew Sanders, one of the five young European men arrested at Brighton-le-Sands with a police scanner and two-way CB radios, 25 litres of petrol and equipment to make molot…

Trackback by 12thharmonic Blog 12.21.05 @ 7:41 am

I think that most people INTEND to do the right thing — and then there are a few rabble rousers. I also think that there is an unconscious racism on the part of many. It is not ideological nor is it intentional, but it comes about on the basis of cultural expectations which are not understood as such. People get hurt or affronted when their cultural expectations are not met, and consider themselves to have been treated in a hostile fashion. Such misunderstandings are the seed for racial hostility.

Comment by Jennifer 12.21.05 @ 4:40 pm

Jennifer, the real test comes when you encounter ‘casual’ or ‘armchair’ racism from friends or co-workers.

Do you remain silent- or raise objection when friends think that John Howard’s DIMIA & terror policies actually protect Australia?

If you’re stronger than casual peer pressure, with no fear of being derided as a ‘bleeding heart leftie,’ you’re probably not a racist.

The notion among many Australians that the plight of Aboriginals isn’t their problem is just such a case. I’d buy the ‘not my problem, before my time’ excuse if the present day lifespan of Aboriginals wasn’t the very shortest in any developed ‘1st world’ nation.

Comment by weezil 12.21.05 @ 4:52 pm

Hi W,
As a victim of racism myself — and as it seems as a continual victim of it — I always denounce racism. And yep — I am pretty tough! Battle-hardened. Read my blog.

Comment by Jennifer 12.21.05 @ 5:33 pm

Oh yes and I am married to a fucking communist. I have no choice but to oppose racism, in all of its manifestations… 😉

Comment by Jennifer 12.21.05 @ 5:35 pm

Well, I’d much rather be married to a fucking communist as opposed to the non-fucking type. 😉

Comment by weezil 12.22.05 @ 10:54 am

he is a pleasure to be around.

Comment by Jennifer 12.22.05 @ 12:35 pm

Jenifers post reminds me of this old one, from earlier this year.

Comment by David Collett 12.30.05 @ 2:00 pm

Indeed, racism is usually taught to children- not a single one is born a racist. Active consideration of one’s own prejudices is something everyone should do from time to time.

Comment by weezil 12.30.05 @ 2:07 pm

Actually, it’s way more complicated than just teaching kids not to be racist. Once again, racism is often unconscious. See my recent post on the “cultural unconscious” on my site.

Comment by Jennifer 12.30.05 @ 3:13 pm

Also see this blog entry.

I will never forget that I was the victim of self righteous Australians posturing quite nicely as if they were anti-racist, but actually acting upon nothing more than the motive provided by their self-conceived racist stereotypes.

Comment by Jennifer 12.30.05 @ 3:18 pm

Hiya Jennifer, thanks for the links to your well considered entries. I’ve polished up your links a bit; long URLs tend to push the width of the column, making display erratic in some web browsers.

While I’m sure that there is one somewhere, I have yet to meet a well-travelled, well educated racist. Racism really is the domain of the small mind and limited of experience. These half-wits all have the same parochial songs. Wogs this, abos that, etc.

You don’t even have to be brown to be a victim of stereotyping. I’ve been in Australia long enough to recognise the most criticised stereotypical behaviour of Americans- speaking too loudly, for one. Thus, after nearly 10 years here, I may not speak an Australian accent, but you won’t ever overhear me in a restaurant.

The downside of speaking more quietly is you can hear the mindless jerkoff at the next table idly bagging out Americans… plainly not realising there’s one just 5 feet away from him.

Comment by weezil 12.30.05 @ 3:37 pm

Yes anti-americanism is common here, but tragically the opposite is true in the US where they just lerv australians.
I should know my ex is one, in fact he is the absolute epitome of that awful stereotype [and then some!] but that said his mom is an angel, and the americans in my community are really considerate of the community and pro-active in volunteering – so another type of american personality is also very/more predominant in this country. But Weezil you have to understand that loud people are always going to make an impression before the quiet ones, american or otherwise.

Comment by ab 01.05.06 @ 10:38 pm

Yeah I’ve come across the anti-American stereotyping. Thanks for tidying up my urls…

Comment by Jennifer 01.11.06 @ 11:37 am

Yeah, I’ve seen so much hate and racism. Having lived in many places be assured others are much worse than Oz. But that doesnt excuse anything does it? I know we’ve are sometimes too sensitive but we need to deal with it if this world has any chance of making it to the next millenium. Let Oz be an example and show the way, then others can follow.

Comment by Si 08.30.07 @ 11:09 pm

Si, do you make a habit of commenting on two-year-old blog posts?

Comment by weez 08.31.07 @ 6:36 am

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