Tweedledumb and Tweedlebully out the door
Friday September 05th 2008, 12:48 pm

That's ANOTHER fine mess you've gotten us in, Morrie

Iemma rolled amid Labor turmoil

Morris Iemma has been forced to resign as New South Wales Premier after sacking his colourful Treasurer Michael Costa.

News that Mr Iemma was gone came in the wake of a press conference by Mr Costa, who said he did not consider that he had been sacked until the decision was ratified by a Caucus meeting.

Mr Iemma left a meeting of his Right faction without speaking to reporters, but is believed to have lost the support of the faction.

Voter after voter TOLD Iemma and his mob that we don’t want our power privatised, among many other things… yet they didn’t listen. I presume they’re listening now.

Who’s the dickheads now, Mike & Morrie?

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Iemma leaves politics

Adios, King Mo. Door, ass, all that. ๐Ÿ™‚

Comment by weez 09.05.08 @ 4:46 pm

And not a dry eye in the House … NOT!

The Peter Principle was a long time coming … for the both of ’em.

Comment by Meself 09.05.08 @ 9:02 pm

The Peter Principle was about promoting workers to the level of their relative incompetence… and there’s no doubt that Iemma & Cost-ya were at the peak of their incompetence. Let’s hope the same isn’t said of Rees. Inexperience is going to be a plus for that young feller, I think.

Now, to put a stop to the sale of the power retailers… and that bloody white desalination elephant… and the mindless expansion of public transport in places that don’t need it.

Comment by weez 09.06.08 @ 9:09 pm

Meh… so long as Tripodi and Roozendaal are still at the top of the shit heap that NSW Labor has become… I suspect that but for electricity privatization, it’s all just going to be much of a muchness. I reckon that the NSW branch of the party alone demonstrates exactly why genuine democratization of the Labor Party should become an urgent priority.

Something is obviously broken when a 3rd generation Labor supporter like myself can’t see any point in going back to being a party member, when meanwhile obviously suspicious, if not corrupt factional players like Tripodi have a stranglehold on power that has proven demonstrably harmful to the party’s electoral chances.

To quote Barry Jones:
“Major factions have become recruiting and executive placement agencies, having lost any ideological basis … Rank and file members are disappearing, and those who remain have become marginalised.”

Sometimes it’s hard not to despair at the dim flickering that has become of the light on the hill.

Comment by Marcus 09.09.08 @ 10:18 am

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