When I grow up I want to be Dr. Louise Newman

February 23rd, 2005
On my lengthy journey home from work every night I listen to Radio National. Tonight in perspective (just before the the six o’clock news) Dr. Louise Newman worked her lucid, insistent, just, logical, qualified, compassionate magic!

Thank you Louise.










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HoWARd at the suggestion of Tony and Junichiro, changes the social landscape of Darwin, Australia.

February 22nd, 2005

We are still in a war in Iraq.
Now HoWARd is sending more of our military because, well, Tony and Junichiro asked him.

In defense of his decision, HoWARd said:

"Al Muthanna was one of the safer parts of Iraq and was far less dangerous than areas around Baghdad and further north. It’s remained relatively benign, it’s a lot better and this is a much safer part of Iraq than the Sunni triangle."

"The government believes that Iraq is very much at a tilting point and it’s very important that the opportunity of democracy, not only in Iraq, but also in other parts of the Middle East, be seized and consolidated."

"This has not been, is not and will not be an easy decision for the Government. I know it will be unpopular with many. I ask those people to take into account the reasons that I have given. I believe this is the right decision. It will make a significant contribution to the coalition effort."

"Self-evidently we would have liked the major combat to have gone differently … [but] coalition withdrawal or defeat is unimaginable. The coalition must stay in Iraq if the country is to make a successful transition to democracy."

Kim, Andrew and Bob are not supportive of this latest commitment of 450 extra military personnel and
neither am I.

It is hard for a child to see a parent leave them behind. It is hard for a parent to leave a child behind. 

A snapshot of reality

February 22nd, 2005

A Single Parent’s August to do list. 
  1. Dust off resume
  2. Find jobnetwork member
  3. Make appointment
  4. Research childcare options
  5. Research more childcare options
  6. Place name on waiting list
  7. Call 131 500 to find out how to get to jobnetwork and childcare places
  8. Do budget of money in and money out
  9. Do sums again (this can’t be right)
  10. Make a plan for what to do if I’m sick or kids are sick
  11. Count money again! (this can’t be right)
  12. Call Child Support Agency asking if child support can be increased
  13. Call Centrelink. Make appointment with a Social Worker
  14. Call mum and ask for a loan
  15. Take savings and try to win money on the pokies
  16. Work against feelings of isolation and resentment
  17. Think about having another baby 
    Being a single parent is in and of itself very hard work.
    Start up a conversation with the next one you see and ask them.
    Thing is they don’t get out much.

“Get familiar with Cannibalism” – Hunter S. Thompson dead at 67.

February 22nd, 2005

Unlike the rude pundit I never met Hunter S. Thompson.
But I read him.
I shared his rage and through his words felt connected to a saner analysis of the world. Particularly the world of men, power and politics.

In October 2004, writing for Rolling Stone magazine he had this to say:

"Your neighbor’s grandchildren will be fighting this stupid, greed-crazed Bush-family "war" against the whole Islamic world for the rest of their lives, if John Kerry is not elected to be the new President of the United States in November.
The question this year is not whether President Bush is acting more and more like the head of a fascist government but if the American people want it that way. That is what this election is all about. We are down to nut-cutting time, and millions of people are angry. They want a Regime Change."

I miss him.

Making sure your watch-dog peacocks are close by  
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Ever had to do too much overtime because management can’t manage time? This is what goes through my mind…

February 20th, 2005

I’d rather be blogging.
I’d rather be drinking coffee.
I have an urge to curse.
My favourite swearword is turd with unflushable in front of it.