What’s that smell?

June 26th, 2005

It’s the rancid mix of mediocrity, hypocrisy and selling out and it’s coming from the Labor party and its conservative stand-for-nothing leader.

Workplace Relations Minister Andrews said that the right to strike was protected in Australian law when it was genuinely in pursuit of better wages and conditions, but the rallies did not fit that criteria.

"Today is a political action rather than industrial action, most of today’s action would be unprotected in relation to the Workplace Relations Act."

Is there any surgery that can implant the hemisphere of Bob Hawke’s brain that he had devoted to workers’ rights into the vacuum that is Beazley’s IR brain?


June 26th, 2005

I am developing a very severe case of Senatophobia or "no-voice-in-Parliament" as the new Senate date looms. I have become more and more anxious as this week has been filled with exit speeches and farewells.

HoWARd’s go softly speech, with his history of lying, just made me more frightened.
It’s real now and I feel like a
in the headlights
of a roadtrain.

Laurie Ferguson – On the grass

June 23rd, 2005

I have just read Laurie’s first speech to Parliament. In Laurie’s 1990 speech we find this,

"In fact these apologists are attempting to legitimise the naked power and authority of management."

I think that Laurie sees Kim as management and himself as worker and he just has to be diametrically opposed to management as a matter of course. He does this despite humanity, logic and justice. He’s made himself a placard and he’s gone on strike.

It looks like Kim’s going to cross a picket line to sack his Minister for Immigration of 239 days.

Bolt gets Marr-ed

June 19th, 2005

It is worth getting up early on a Sunday to watch the Insiders when Andrew Bolt and David Marr have only Virginia Trioli to separate their egos.
The best insult that Bolt could manage was "the reds on the couch" as he referred to David and Virginia which he delivered last over the closing credits.

Bolt a churlish, arrogant prick.
His feet always rooted into the right-wingery of the turd brown square of the Insiders mat.

Working women occupy a redundant timeline under HoWARd

June 18th, 2005

Thanks to Mushroom from the pen who sent me this,

"Hey Suki,
Thought you might like a heads up on the closure of the New South Wales Working Women’s Centre due to lack of Federal Government funding.

Just another way to strip away workers (particularly women’s) rights and avenues to seek recourse against unfair treatment in the workplace. No surprise it is coinciding on the eve of the Feds changes to IR policy.

My post about it is here.
The fight continues."

Daily Flute and Tree of Truth also cover it.

If I was a cynical woman I would say that there is a message being sent to women in this country by our government.
That message would be $m$o$n$e$y$ for babies. No money for employment support. And certainly no money for "Mum@work" programs.

I’m going to make it my business to introduce myself to every woman in my workplace in my capacity as an Equity Advisor. I will use my federally-funded training to subvert this government’s dominant paradigm.