Xmas, Xersize and XXL pets

December 29th, 2005

The Vet has decreed that the five pet boy rats are too fat. She has said that four are obese and one is overweight.  The overweight one is Kennedy.  I suspect that he is not obese because of his disabilities – He is blind, hearing impaired and has a limited sense of smell. He also prefers to sleep through meal breaks.

Their ongoing health is a concern so an exercise and food intake regime has been developed.  They like to sleep on the upper mezzanine so their water and ‘dry’ food will be on the basement level.  Their ‘wet’ food will be on the ground floor.

The plan being ‘eat less, move more’.

The walking machine and treadmill have been significantly less popular.


quick dawdle 

Kennedy pleased not to be seeing this 

Lorgue and Kennedy wondering if they are having fun yet.

Money, Morphine and the good Doctors.

December 28th, 2005

Mr. Packer is dead.

Money seems to be able to buy you anything you want, even death at the time of your choosing.

I was working in an allied health role in the Northern Territory for the nine months that Australians had a Rights Of the Terminally Ill Act (ROTI), commonly called “The Euthanasia Bill”. The ROTI Act was overturned by the federal government in March 1997. Effectively the right to test if you qualified for the strict criteria to access ROTI and potentially die at the time of your choosing (as opposed to suicide), was taken away from an individual and their medical carers- and returned to god and palliative care.

But not if you are rich. If you are rich, I am sure it is possible to have your carefully chosen doctors organise morphine and have your death with your family around you in your home.

“This is my time.” – said Mr. Packer.

In this country, money can buy you a way around god and Justice Minister Senator Ellison deciding your quality of life.

It can buy you a good death.

We all deserve that.

Morpheus and Isis

Morpheus and Iris, 1811. Guerin, Pierre Narcisse from here

The dog ate my homework

December 19th, 2005

In his latest attempt to come across as believable, Costello is worse than a lazy student. At least a lazy student will give you vague credibility, but Costello expects us to believe that ‘not’ and ‘now’ were mysteriously interchanged and we read the document wherein they lay all wrong.

Not, Peter tell the truth. It was now the dog – it was the goldfish.

If we believe this then we have as much memory as one.

They say goldfish have no memories

With thanks to Ani DiFranco and her Little Plastic Castle CD


December 18th, 2005

A group of us have just returned from Harmony in the Park at Belmore park in Sydney.

It was an uplifting, peaceful afternoon amongst 3000 like-minded people, with my personal favourite highlight being a passionate speech delivered by Rowan Wood.  


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Moore TGA, less Health Minister

December 15th, 2005

I was pleased to hear the focused clarity of Claire Moore’s speech to the senate committee this morning in ABC radio’s AM program.  Senator Moore is the Deputy Chairwoman of the Senate committee on the question of whether the Health Minister should be allowed to veto RU486 or if its approval/non-approval should be left to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

Senator Moore has warned her colleagues not to turn today’s Senate hearing into a wider inquiry into abortion itself.

In describing what she saw as the committee’s agenda, senator Moore said,

"Well, I’ll listen with an open mind, but I think I would be unlikely to be swayed by any evidence that could possibly say why ministerial discretion should be used in health issues. I have made no secret of the fact that I think that in this process we should be looking at a single referral for all medications."

Thank you Senator Moore!
Unlike your colleagues – One who is woefully ignorant of the law and the other who espouses pro-women policy, yet would be anti-woman 90% of the time.

far too many fanatical men  

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