Kevin; diplomacy personified

September 30th, 2004

I have just watched the ‘debate’ between the Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Security Kevin Rudd and Alexander Downer on the ABC’s 7.30 Report.

The discussion left me wanting Kevin "Intellect is my concealed weapon" Rudd to take over now.

The Foreign Affairs portfolio has been with the dangerously incompetent Downer long enough. I don’t feel safe waiting another 10 days!

43, primed, and inoffensive

September 29th, 2004

Today at the ALP Campaign Launch in Brisbane, Mark Latham used the phrase "unless we change now" 5 times.
I would have happily heard the phrase a 6th time if somewhere, Mark had uttered a blunt and passionate attack acknowledging the blood on Howard’s hands and the consequences of his actions on our future when he knowingly sent Australia into an immoral role in an illegal war.
AND a recommitment to the troops out/home by Christmas promise.

Mark made a few oblique references to Howard, Truth and the War…

"We need a Prime Minister […] who tells them the truth about the great issues of war and peace. And when things go wrong, a Prime Minister who is big enough to take responsibility and not blame others.

[…] but undermined so tragically by the mistakes in Iraq.

When Mr Howard sent Australian troops to the war in Iraq he knew, on advice, that his decision would make Australia less safe in the war against terror. Now he says that he’ll keep Australian troops in Iraq until they have finished the job. But he can’t tell them what the job is."

Do I want a 43 year old in the prime of his life, offering this country the beliefs and values of a good society who is already acting with such equivocation?

No thank you.

Ignore your advisors and minders Mark, lose the Chamomile tea, gulp down 5 Espressos, Rant, Feel, Blog and get Opinionated like you mean it!

Learner drivers improve, experienced drivers deteriorate

September 28th, 2004

The opinions and impressions of 24 people, young, old and in between, who are not yet committed to voting for either party, in a marginal seat in western Sydney shows that the The Government’s ‘Learner Latham’ campaign, which has been a ceaseless assault on Mark Latham’s character and fitness for office ever since he took on the ALP leadership, has grabbed…a little.
Taking the Coalition’s ‘Learner driver, steering a country’ analogy, overlaying the NSW Road Traffic Authority 2004 data, and dealing only with road accidents that result in fatalities,
let’s analyse this.

Typically, ‘Learner’ drivers are aged 17-20 years. There have been 47 fatalities in that age group so far this year.
Mark’s age group is 40-49. There have been 38 fatalities in that age group so far this year.
John Howard’s age group is 60-69. There have been 31 fatalities in that age group so far this year.

Whilst this may actually go against my initial point; it is interesting to note that the 70+ age group is highest of all.
This age cohort is represented 58 times so far this year.

What this tells us is that the Prime Minister who is getting older and older by the day is lurching towards being totally ‘unfit to drive.’

Unthinkable as another term is; let’s distract ‘driver Howard’ a little with:

  1. the TRUTH the WHOLE TRUTH and nothing, but the TRUTH
  2. the Greenest Senate ever
  3. President Bush’s defeat in November 2004
  4. a battle for the Leadership *oops wheel
  5. his colleagues that call him ‘the rodent’

and John is going the wrong way on the M2..
…Dazed and confused as all the lights on the dashboard glow.

(Delivered in a Texas drawl)
"Can I see your license Sir?
Can you explain why you were following so closely behind?"

Driver Disqualified: "Failing to maintain a safe following distance"

Mark Latham may have limited ‘highway experience’ however, statistically he will just keep getting better and better behind the wheel of the hybrid vehicle.
Let’s let him drive.


By 10 pm on 09 October 2004, the majority had made it clear that they had put Howard back in.
Welcome to the inevitable gridlock you uninspired decision makers.

Housewives leave home

September 26th, 2004

Brisbane kitchens, washing lines and vacuum cleaners were left unattended as housewives got political.

The Coalition’s campaign launch was reminded today that 50.7% of people eligible to vote are female.


Dinners weren’t cooked, clothes weren’t ironed and piles of hair rollers were abandoned all over Brisbane streets.

Not all is lost John and Janette.

These women, by their actions, may just influence others to care about the lies you told to justify the War in Iraq. You have behaved badly once too often and we demand a separation.

You will not be allowed another relationship characterised by lies, abuse and violence.

Janette, occupying a redundant timeline

September 26th, 2004

Mrs. Howard says her husband is not a liar.

Smart woman!
Janette is sensing the currency that the Howard Lies campaign is having on parts of the electorate and she is nervous. By making a statement to defend her husband, she is protecting her own interests.

Janette is under no illusions as to her worth in this society. Under her husband and his leadership Australia has not grown into a progressive society. In fact, the Liberal coalition government has moved Australia’s culture and society significantly backwards.

Frankly, I’m surprised to see that Janette is even leaving her kitchen.
As an aging woman, I’m sure she wished she had read The Female Eunuch and The Change by Germaine Greer.
If she had, then what is happening to her and many other women as they mature and are only seen as wives, widows or grandmothers would not come as a surprise. Poor Janette…not too many options under honest John’s Prime Ministership…let’s see:

  1. not valuable as breeding stock
  2. not likely to be a mistress
  3. only value is as a wife

Janette an old piece of fluff wedded to an old fart.