This is what happens in a war. This is why war should be a last resort.

February 28th, 2005

This story highlights one of the reasons why the Invasion of Iraq was, and is, still wrong. This is why war should be used as a last resort. This is why all peaceful options are exhausted before there is a use of force.

War. Soldiers shoot at people. People get shot at.

The woman who was shot in the head by Australian Soldiers and her/a child who was wounded by the broken (presumably) windscreen is in an American military hospital in Baghdad’s Green Zone, where she is in a serious condition.

The whole incident is part of war. We are in a war in Iraq. Women, children, soldiers will get hurt, many will die. Some are co-lateral damage some are not.
Most will suffer from psychological trauma.

Mind, HoWARd is cool with this. He is sending 450 more troops into this war and highlighting the legitimate, war-like, dangerous aspect of this Invasion is useful to him. The heat is rising on the question of economic benefit to Australia for this increase in troops and HoWARd does not like answering questions about his lies.

Reduce the PTSD now.
Bring them home.

Charles’ woes

February 27th, 2005

Australian women are the most opposed group to Charles eventually becoming King.

He comes woefully short of meeting any fantasy of what it means to be of royal stock. His lifestyle choices could come straight out of a Jerry Springer show – "He wants to be a tampon so he can live in your birth canal". The only thing separating Charles of Buckingham Palace from Chuck of Dryknob Missouri, is access to better dental care.

We want our future royals to be refined. They are supposed to be well mannered and restrained. These two scrubbers come across as tawdry, gaudy white trash.

Now for the alternatives. Harry, sadly is just a silly boy.
William. First born. Parentage assured. Tall. Handsome. Compassionate.
William will be accepted as our dashing, regal King.
He engages with his peers. He is certainly more favoured by the girl-child’s generation than his father or grand-mother are.

This is of course if we even want a Royal Family.

HoWARd happy to cut and run on seriously injured soldiers

February 26th, 2005

As Australia prepares to send more troops to Iraq, tens of thousands of military personnel injured in recent years stand to lose their rights to lump sum compensation.

The Government is changing the definition of “impairment” in a way that could deny lump sum payouts to people with serious back or limb injuries. The compensation overhaul will also affect thousands of other Commonwealth employees.

I do hope we don’t follow the US with our number of wounded.
Shame HoWARd Shame.


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What will be said of this dissenting voice? Dementia? PTSD? No recent battle experience?

February 24th, 2005

HoWARd would do well to heed and consider the voice of a former soldier who is drawing a comparison between Iraq and Vietnam.
Talking to commercial radio Major General Stretton said,

“Australia should not have been involved in Iraq in the first place as there were no weapons of mass destruction and no links with al-Qaeda. The whole lot of it has turned into a bloody civil war. All we are doing is reinforcing disaster. I just cannot understand it.”

“You would have noticed the prime minister use a new word … tilting. That is the same as the graduated response in Vietnam. In other words you just put a bit more in to stop it tilting the wrong way. It will end up exactly the same way. The whole thing is flawed strategy.”

“This talk about fighting for democracy, that is absolute, to use a phrase, bullshit.”

HoWARd had this to say in response to the Major General’s comments,

“I don’t think it is at all likely that we will send any more people but I am not going to get into this business of giving absolute guarantees and having everything I say on that analysed in the future.”

Too late Johnny, we’re onto you and we’re counting your lies.


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Dana wrong message wrong fax number

February 24th, 2005

Dana Vale calls it a tragedy that there is a lack of counseling after an abortion. She believes this is causing untreated depression. Therefore she is asking for an inquiry into abortions.

The more useful option, one which would address a greater tragedy, would be to ask for an inquiry into the paucity of Community Health Centres, their services and their staffing capability. Specifically the paucity of qualified Psychologists, Social Workers and other trained Counselors/Therapists.

If this was done we would find a myriad of underlying issues that contribute to depression and allocate millions of dollars for qualified Practitioners to treat widespread mental health issues.

Referral options in the form of a post-abortion information pack are made. They are also discussed with the post-abortion support person.
Just try and get a Community Health Centre appointment with any Counselor in under 8 weeks!
That is if they can recruit and retain qualified staff.

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