Collusion in the coalition even deeper?

March 30th, 2005

Just how much shared behaviour is expected of members of the coalition of the willing?
Just how willing is this government (with HoWARd at the helm) prepared to be?

How much have we swallowed already?
What will happen with the Senate’s findings?

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A long weekend in March; a perfect time to reflect upon life and non-life

March 26th, 2005

In the wake of the legality, the religion and the politics relating to who can decide what life means for you, or me, or Terri Schiavo, I have been moved to research a “living will.”

“[In NSW] An advanced health care directive or “living will” is a written statement which contains information about the medical treatment which you desire. It comes into effect only when you are no longer able to make your own decisions. In NSW, advanced health care directives are not supported by legislation, unless they are part of the appointment of an enduring guardian. However, if a potential decision maker, such as a health care worker, guardian of the Guardianship Tribunal is aware of the existence of your advanced health care directive, it is likely to be influential when decisions about your health care are made. An advanced health care directive should be up to date and consistent with anything you have said to the decision maker previously.

If you do nothing about planning, as discussed above, the Guardianship Act will apply to you by identifying persons who are best able to make decisions on your behalf.”

It was this observation made by the rude one that moved me to action…

“[…]compares Schiavo’s situation to abortion, infantilizing her, taking away her voice completely. And there’s the truth of the matter, no? Those who want Terri Schiavo to be forced to live need those miracles because it will be as if she has come full-term, like a fetus. It is paternalism, sexism, and degradation.
In the end, it is her husband who, with the agreement of every court that’s heard the case, wants to give voice, give agency, to the adult.”









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Independent Senator can’t grasp determinism or Karma

March 23rd, 2005


“Senator Lees was ousted as leader of the Australian Democrats in 2001 partly for compromising with the Howard Government over the GST.”


“Outgoing independent Senator Meg Lees”

The sooner that Meg Lees gets the hell out of politics the better.
Not smart enough by a long shot Meg, to not see this coming…










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Christian religions shout Hallelujah (for now)

March 21st, 2005

You can be reconsidered a worthy potential Australian if you convert to christianity.

Previously, the Immigration Department has viewed conversions to Christianity with suspicion. But yesterday a spokesman for the Immigration Minister, Amanda Vanstone, confirmed the only reason for reconsidering 30 cases of people currently in long term detention was their new religion.

"All these people had exhausted the [assessment and appeals] process and failed. Once you have exhausted the process and failed, you’re over. You’ve had your go and that’s it."

– Spokesman for the Immigration Minister, Amanda Vanstone.

Once Australian, are you free to find Haile Selassie, Guru Adrian, or the Seventh Day Advent Hoppists?

Or will it be structured like a fiance visa? If the conversion doesn’t end in consummation within six months then out of Australia you go?

HoWARd denies religious bias, and a new immigration worker gets moved to media liaison…

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Can you make mine a soy latte…to go?

March 20th, 2005

When describing the conditions of Australia’s 450 extra troops, Lieutenant Colonel Noble said:

“Inside [the compound] it’s basic, but it’s got the essential things that we need, an area to fix vehicles, it’s got a gym, place for soldiers to sleep, it even has a coffee shop.”

Shopping centres have gymnasiums and coffee shops Sir. War zones are dangerous, and no amount of frothy coffee can mask that.

The experience of war to those that go and those left behind is traumatic. War is the last resort and that is why we marched today.

We should never have been part of the Coalition of the Willing and that statement is as true today as it was two years ago.


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