Who am I, and can you control me?

March 19th, 2005

Senator Abetz is proposing legislation that could potentially curb my political opinions and those of anybody having any.

One of the reasons that blogs and sites such as JOHN HOwarD LIES.COM are so popular is because voters that want to read a less sanitised media are naturally drawn to the world wide web.
Clamp down and I will just slide off – HoWARd lies style…
If asked I’ll say:

“Suki Lombard was not my core identity”











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Melbourne bloggers show Sydney grrrl a great time.

March 18th, 2005

As I sat at Spleen,
giggling at the premise of meeting bloggers whose physical identity I did not know (except for Barista), I found myself smiling at everyone who made eye contact with me (or my bits) instead. This turned out to be a very successful tactic as I met:

  1. Nabakov
  2. Blogger on the Cast Iron Balcony
  3. Northcote Knob
  4. Vincent
  6. Gummo Trotsky who navigated the waters for Tugboat Potemkin
  7. The GG (and The Lady Livia) There Aint no Sanity Clause
  9. Kent and Amy who want to blog
  10. boynton
  11. Laputan Logic
  12. Mallrat from Brave our Burbs

There was wine, yummy food, enthusiastic discussion and some bloggers who would have passed each other on the way to lectures, long before our online words would have us meet…

A fun night out was had by this Sydney grrrl.
Thank you to all that made it memorable.











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Filial-social bonding (with subtitles)

March 12th, 2005

Am immersing myself in hugs, kisses, culture, language, gossip and food as I spend time with family in Melbourne.
Most are in Australia at the moment so I’m taking the opportunity.

Oh my, how I love the food!

You’ll know I’m coming back as you look in the southern sky and see a Boeing 737 listing to the left…

The difficulty in assessing a negative

March 11th, 2005

Community Development work has been steadily losing respect, popularity and funding from Governments and others in positions of power since the 1970’s.

This is primarily because CD work by its very nature is hard to quantify. It can also be too political. We are now assessing everything we spend healthcare money on (and I’m all for due diligence). But how can we prove that putting support in place today and maintaining that support and building resilience and strength can help 23 people in 3 years from now? What of recurring biyearly funding applications that demand to see snapshots and outcomes?

Let’s just use Autism Spectrum Disorder as an example. You are the carer of a 3 year old child who has been diagnosed with severe Autism Spectrum Disorder. You have an older child who is at school. Naturally you want your children to go to the same school. You make some enquiries and find that the Education department can support your child into mainstream education, but there is a two year waiting list to find and train the right support person for your child.
You hear about the local ASD support group which was started by the CD worker attached to your Community health centre and attend. You hear similar stories from other carers. You begin a letter writing campaign to your local MP. You hold stalls in the local community and raise money to buy paints and cardboard to write placards to take on the bus you hire to attend State parliament to agitate for recognition, funding and change…

CD work, not too popular with governments who prefer to keep like-minded people separate because to put them in one place creates the impetus for structural change and they can’t be having any of that.

This new money will address the most acute cases and probably reduce completed suicide rates, however, I’m with Professor Hickie that this will do very little to improve the day to day lives of those that live in our community struggling with non-acute mental health issues.

Heading south

March 10th, 2005

I will be in Melbourne for a while this month.

Barista is organising a loose colony (in all senses of that phrase) of Melbourne bloggers and friends and I will be there.
We are to gather at Spleen, at the top end of Bourke St on the south side, next Tuesday, the 15th, from 6.30.

Please come if you can.

If you can plan your life ahead, leave a comment. And maybe put a note on your own blog.

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