Pile-up in Western Sydney

November 10th, 2005

This morning as I was driving to work I heard HoWARd say (in reference to the Paris riots) that he saw a direct correlation between highly regulated labour markets and high unemployment.

"We see the domestic misery of the French people at the present time, and, unlike the Labor Party, I am not going to blame the riots in Paris on the industrial relations system that France has – but I do point out that one of the reasons for a feeling of alienation and disadvantage is the persistence of high levels of unemployment in this country against a background of other European countries with less regulated labour markets that have experienced much lower levels of unemployment."

As I swerved back into my lane I waited for the second half of the analysis.  I waited and waited, but no mention from HoWARd of the endemic racism, police violence and the policy of the French political establishment towards the rioters who are first and second generation French nationals predominantly from the North African and African immigrant community. Ok. Let’s follow HoWARd’s thinking on this.  IR reform and the WorkChoices package is going to solve unemployment rates for Australia’s alienated and disadvantaged.  How?  Not by stripping worker’s rights. 

As usual HoWARd gives us fear.  

His message is if Australia doesn’t embrace his IR bill we’ll have riots in our cities.  Australia does not have a large former African or North African group of residents so he can’t be referring to them.  The United Kingdom and New Zealand comprise the largest group of New Australians, but I don’t think that he’s referring to them either.  I think he is referring to Australians born here to parents whose first language isn’t white.

You know your leader is lying when he has to pile up such a wobbly stack of tenuously related data and play the race fear card.

HoWARd's tenuous argument    

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Duck not the only fare for HoWARd

October 21st, 2005

The poultry industry has called for John Howard to eat duck in public to highlight the message that Australian poultry is safe from bird flu.

John Millington, the manager of Luv-A-Duck at Nhill in Victoria, says the Prime Minister should follow the lead of other countries in reassuring consumers.

“The prime minister in Turkey, he ate chicken salad at a traditional dinner to break the daily fast of ramadan, and that was really to show his confidence in the control efforts by the authorities in Turkey. So what we need now is our prime minister to do the same thing. Sit up heartily to a duck dinner.”


While our PM sits down to one formerly feathered feast, why not two?

I propose that a more suitable dish to be served to our PM is crow.

Adding weight to the groaning table of his statements that have been proved wrong is WorkChoices and the Anti-terrorism Bill 2005.

“Truth is absolute, truth is supreme, truth is never disposable in national political life” – John Howard, 25 August 1995.




eating crow

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I love my job it’s the work I hate

August 4th, 2005

GetUp! is an online organisation that inspires voters to think up their own campaign ideas and lobby politicians by email and SMS.

In a display of profound ignorance of both the responsibility inherent in holding a public office and what spam actually is, Andrew Robb Liberal backbencher told all voters exactly how he wants his work day to progress and who he thinks is responsible for the terrible botheration that will ensue from GetUp!’s presence.

"?There are hundreds of emails arriving in Senator’s offices. They’re beside themselves, just to clear the screen. They get back to their office from meetings looking for important communications from whoever, and they’re confronted with screen after screen of these emails, in some cases over 200 emails. This is highly irresponsible, this is spam, this is spam."?

"It’s first and foremost, let’s not mince words, it is an anti-Government group and it’s not there to keep us accountable. It’s there to run an alternative policy agenda. It’s a front for the Labor Party, it’s a political front. They’re quite entitled to do it, it’s a free country, but it’s a political front. That’s what it is."

Two points Andrew.
1. The labor party is far too unimaginative for this venture and
2. Politicians cannot possibly expect not to get unsolicited communication including e-mails from their constituents. Such voter concern is not spam.

I cannot think of a better reason for Getup! than the presence of such a lazy, uninformed, unrepresentative politician.

Place of Birth: Australia. Homeland: Korea.

August 2nd, 2005

Right now there is an appeal seeking to have Australian citizens recognised by birth right.
Naively, I thought that if you were born in a country it became your homeland. I think most reasonable people would assume the same.

"The law says a child is recognised as a citizen if either of his or her parents is an Australian resident or citizen, according to an amendment to the Australian Citizenship Act in 1986."

"If we win it will backdate the law to before 1986. There would have been thousands of cases of foreign nationals who would have departed or [been] forcefully deported within that time. US, Canada, and New Zealand have no problem declaring everyone born in their country to be a citizen."
Michaela Byers, Lawyer.

What’s the problem here? Is the government worried that people will give birth in Australia to claim the Maternity Payment which is currently $3079 per child?
Are they worried about too many children? Was the treasurer referring to bi-cultural or Asian or Muslim families when he said:

"You should have one for the father, one for the mother and one for the country. If you want to fix the ageing demographic, that’s what you do."

Or is this just another sinister, thinly veiled racist policy enforcement from this government through DIMIA?

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…and can’t

June 16th, 2005

HoWARd is showing that he remains incapable of saying sorry or I got it wrong.
He has a Narcissistic personality and is building momemtum for the new Senate.

It seems the best counterpoint to a narcissist is a Green.

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